Waterproof Top Loaded Washing Machine Cover (Brown Color)

Size: 7 kg

Looking for a 100% waterproof, dust-proof and heat-proof washing machine cover that will keep your machine protected from rain, spillage, dust, sunlight and rust? Look no further than YesCart! Our covers are made from durable, waterproof material that will stand up to the worst weather conditions. Plus, they're easy to put on and take off, so you can keep your machine looking like new for years to come.

Machine Covers at YesCart are available in all sizes including Top Load, Twin Tub, Front Load and Dryers as well. This cover is perfect for all washing machine brands available in Pakistan right now!

For the ease of use, U-shaped zip in the Top Load Waterproof Washing Machine Covers helps to unzip and use the appliance smoothly. When it comes to Front Load Waterproof Washing Machine Covers, two zips are there on both sides of the machine cover making it very easy to unzip the cover and help you to use the appliance conveniently.

Why Washing Machine Cover?
When you have a costly appliance such as your washing machine, it is important to protect them from rain, spillovers, stains and also keeping away sunlight or rusting, which can cause damage over time. This will not only keep its exterior looking good but also improve longevity so that your investment pays off!

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