About Us


3 years ago, Founder and CEO, Kashif Tariq opened their first online store. The idea for a store like Yescart.pk was conceived in the mind of this pioneering, pure patriot, nostalgic about the old craft of the hand-woven material.

YesCart, the brand, was always rooted but possessed an ambitious spirit. Ever changing, evolving and expanding. By 2020 it was selling household products and soon expanded into bedding & apparel. The year 2021 saw YesCart change into a mega online brand, when it decided to evolve with the customer and introduce colourful prints. Innovative and experimental, YesCart introduced mattress covers, bedsheets, washing machine covers, accessories, and soon became a complete lifestyle brand.

In just two years, Kashif Tariq’s 200sqft office transformed into a 3-store enterprise stretching across 200 cities in Pakistan. Making a mark –on-the-ground and online – YesCart will soon be expanded to four countries across the globe. Despite the brand’s rapid and colourful metamorphosis, one thing remained constant: YesCart's love for craft and its effort to keep it alive.

The design philosophy was always colour, craft, culture and heritage. Yescart.pk drew inspiration from across the globe to become a global bedding brand. Every piece that carries the YesCart label has craft and its history ingrained and woven in the fabric of its soul.

Our Brand's Root Strength

The foundation of the brand - YesCart is Proudly Pakistani, respectful of tradition and making fashionable bedding accessible to all. YesCart offers the best value-for-money and is a beautiful amalgamation of modernity and tradition, with its expansive colours and innovative designs.

Our Brand Story

YesCart's differences are what make it unique, and it matters to the brand that people can share every brilliant aspect of themselves with the world, comfortably and with confidence.

Born of proud tradition, YesCart’s unparalleled selection of ever-changing patterns and colours is always pushing the boundaries of Pakistan’s bedding culture. By giving every woman a greater freedom of choice in her bedding selection, she can easily bring out the forever unfolding layers of her kaleidoscopic personality – in her own way and at the right moment.

Moving Forward

YesCart is a balance of modernity and tradition. Modernity comes through uniqueness and variety of designs and patterns. It frees women to choose a style that reflects their individuality, giving them the confidence to express a different side of their personality through their bedding choices.